Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter, Fall, Fall, Winter


In Colorado we complain about the weather being indecisive, but take my word that New York is worse! Monday, it was 35 degrees and raining. Tuesday, it was 68 degrees and sunny. Today, it is 48 degrees and cloudy with a light sprinkle. I never know how to dress for the weather and it is driving me insane!!! Other than the crazy weather, all has been okay. I have had a non-stop headache that is a bit frustrating, but I keep drinking water so hopefully that will help.

Pancakes Babyfoot Taylor- The Bunny!

My weekend was pretty eventful! Friday we had no classes so my roommate, Gab, and I went to the mall! Their was a super adorable bunny that I almost purchased, but unfortunately I can't keep a bunny in a triple :-( My other roommate's girlfriend was in town over the weekend so Gab and I got to have two sleepovers at some of our friends dorms which was pretty exciting! We also went to a costume party...I was a football bro!!!! This week has been pretty tame so far. I have just been chugging along in classes since midterms are finished. I am very excited for Halloween, and soon after...THANKSGIVING!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to Reality

Mom and the Other Mothers!

Parents weekend was a blast! Mom and I went to the Tang Art Museum, attended a lecture on the song "Strawberry Fields" by the Beatles, ate, ate, and ate some more! We went to a Southern restaurant called "Hattie's" and wow...the BEST fried chicken I have ever had. We got to hug eachother, spend quality time together, and of course make a target run! We also saw the movie "Secretariat." It was very well done and inspirational. Unfortunately, like all good things, parents weekend did have to come to an end. Now, I am back to school work and preparing for my Theatre midterm, ugh! Classes are canceled on Friday though, so that's something to look forward too! Winter is beginning to creep its way in to Saratoga. While there is no snow on the ground, it is still frigid cold! The scarves, mittens, and hats will be out very soon. I am looking forward to the warm weather of California for Thanksgiving!!!! I hope all is well on the homefront :-)
Love always, Emmeline

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump Day, Hump Day, Will You Please Go Away?

Last Week in DHall, When The Food Was Superb!
 Obviously today is hump day, and man is it difficult to get through. I feel like I have non-stop class on Wednesdays, and to make it worse I have a midterm for my seminar class tomorrow! I am feeling very prepared, however I am getting together a study group tonight to talk about the different things we've worked on in class. On a more positive note, I scored very high on my most recent Chemistry exam and I had a Calculus exam at 8am this morning that I I believe I did very well on!
Food in DHall has been pretty terrible this week...nothing too flavorful or exciting, but there were pumpkin muffins yesterday. I'm getting excited for Mom to come- TWO MORE DAYS!
Love always, Emmeline

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tourist Season

Okay, perhaps it's not Saratoga Springs tourist season, but it is Skidmore's. Recently, as the days have passed there have been hordes of eager "prospies" touring the school, trying Dhall's world famous muffins, and picking out which college student they hope to be like in a year from now (I really hope they choose me!). I can't help but be a little nostalgic for the days of college visits, constant talk of SAT and ACT scores, and when my mom would make me a grilled cheese because I was one can top her grilled cheeses! That being said, I am very happy to be living the "independent life-style." While it's hard not to have the comfort of an actual home, my dorm room is slowly but surely feeling a little more comfortable. I think what I miss most from home (other than the obvious things like my mom and Izzy) is babysitting. As I walk around campus I occasionally see a little kid, but they never seem too interested in interacting with my friendly smile (maybe they think it's creepy?) or my casual "Hi! I really like your pink dress!" I need my Keegan, Conor, Bo, and Jill fix!!!! Mom comes in 4 days- finally a real hug versus one via skype! I hope all is well with you all, and believe it or not I am very excited for my upcoming visits with you guys too...Thanksgiving in California, and then Christmas in Colorado, hooray!
Love always, Emmeline

Saturday, October 9, 2010

TGIS- Thank Goodness It's Saturday

Outside My Window!
I have nothing of too great importance to share other than I am still sick, and stayed home last night and watched the O.C. instead of going out with my friends :-( The O.C. was highly entertaining though. The weather here today is beautiful, and yesterday there was a double rainbow! Also, the leaves have begun to change and it's lovely. I have a student council meeting today, and that's about it so I will have some time to just hang out. Mom comes in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!
Love always, Emmeline

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Throat Fading Thursdays

Me when I am feeling less under the weather!
Despite the fact that I am sick with a cold, the day was not a total waste. At Skidmore we have a very well-known museum called the Tang Teaching Museum, and for my seminar class we went to one of the exhibitions this morning! It is called "The Jewel Thief," and the goal of the exhibit is to play with the idea of abstraction, and how the human mind percieves art and color. It's the genre of art that's right up my alley as it reminded me of all the modern art my family saw when we were in Paris a few years back. I am going to drag my mom to the exhibit with me when she comes to visit- 8 days!!!!! There was a Warhol painting that I really enjoyed, and a painting of blue, black, and grey jewels that was also very interesting. Other than that experience, my day has been fairly average. I took a nap and some DayQuil in hopes that I would feel a bit better, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be doing much :-( I've finished all my homework though, so hopefully I can go to bed early tonight. The sun peeked its head out for a bit today which made me very happy! Hope all is well with you all!
Love always, Emmeline

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Little Break Might Be Nice...

Will, Ben, Me, and Gab at the Janelle Monae Concert During Oktoberfest!
It has been a while since I have posted as I have been uber busy, and the trend still continues! I had 8am Calculus, and now I have a break till 11:15am, but then I go straight through till 8pm...yikes! I have a chemistry exam from 6pm-8pm and, despite the fact that your first college exam can be quite terrifying, I am actually pretty excited because chemistry calculations are fun!

I am proud to report Oktoberfest weekend was a success, and I won an award from the SGA president for being the freshman who just jumped into responsibility and kept a positive attitude! It was quite exciting. My social chair work is dying down for a little bit, and hopefully this weekend I will be able to catch-up on some much needed sleep as all my close friends are going home/visiting boyfriends for the weekend. It will be a tad lonely, but hopefully I can create stronger ties with my less close friends!

It is once again dumping cats and dogs- there is no dry space and this time it's cold....but have no fear because mom sent me a new sweater that is sure to keep me warm! I hope all is well on the homefront, and feel free to give me a call this weekend...I will be around :-)
Love always, Emmeline

Friday, October 1, 2010

Call Up Noah- It's Time to Build the Arc!

Me and my friend Tory at Plum Dandy (A Fro Yo place...doesn't beat Yogurt Guru though!)
Oh my goodness- there is a terrential downpour going on outside...the sidewalks are flooded, rainboots, are necessary, and I think the sky might be falling. There is rain everywhere! As we all know, I love rain, but unfortunately it is messing up all the Oktoberfest weekend plans. The Comedy show (which was hilarious) had to be held inside, and today's Fall Festival is now being held are we going to get the bouncy obstacle course into the Student Center? That's an excellent question. I am learning to be very flexible now that I am on SGA, and I think it's good for me :-) Tonight is the Janelle Monae concert which I am very excited about. She is a sort of R&B, funk, singer/songwriter who is great!

As for classes- yikes! Calculus is really frustrating me. It is an even easier repeat than last year, and today the Calc proffessor got angry with our class for knowing too much about calculus- maybe he should make it more challenging and then we wouldn't have that issue! Chemistry was fun for the first time today! We got to solve problem sets on our own which I really enjoy. Now, I am just waiting to go to my second round of calc (I have it a 8am and 2:30pm on Fridays), and the after that I am off to Fall Fest and the concert!

Love always, Emmeline