Friday, November 19, 2010

Chugging Along

Nothing too exciting has happened as of late other than I still am doing well in my classes! Tonight I am going to dinner at my Professor's house- He is a very nice man, and I am excited to have a home cooked meal :-) I am getting very anxious for Thanksgiving, my family, the sunshine, and the beautiful palm trees in San Diego!!! I went to see Harry Potter 7 at midnight last night and it was EXCELLENT though a tad frightening. I hope all is well on the homefront.
Love always, Emmeline

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Tribulations Part

Me, Christine (from CO-she went to CA), Gab, and Emma Jumping in Leaves!
While College is an exciting thing it is also about training you to be an adult. Sometimes that means making mistakes and I think that is something I have now become familiar with. While I can't say that I am happy that I made pretty poor choices over the weekend, I can definitely say that I am happy to have such an understanding and concerned family. I can also report that my lesson is more than me.

My entire weekend wasn't too terrible though. Saturday, my friends and I went to the Dowtown Saratoga Fall Festival. It was pretty adorable- there were children in costumes everywhere and lot's of fun activities for them to enjoy. There was a petting zoo, and I am happy to report that I was able to pet the bunnies for as long as I wanted too! We had crepes for lunch in town, and recieved many compliments on our cowgirl apparel.

This week is going to be calm. My classes are all going very well, and I really enjoy my professors. I am excited for Thanksgiving, and cannot wait to have some real Mexican food...New Yorker's have no idea what Mexican food even entails. I hope you all are well :-)

Love always, Emmeline