Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine and Spring

I am sitting in Florida at the moment and it is absolutely beautiful. It has been in the high seventies/low eighties all week making it the perfect temperature to lay by the pool and get a suntan. I have been soaking up all the vitamin D that I can before I have to go home. Yesterday, I went to Seaworld to pet stingrays and see the sharks. It was a bittersweet experience. I will always find Seaworld as a fun place to visit, but as of late their parks have become less focused on education/conservation and more on spectacle. The dolphin show was the most dissapointing...the dolphins were about 5% percent of the show where as the other 95% was trainers and dancers in hideous wetsuit costumes doing acrobatic tricks. I am writing a letter to Seaworld expressing my dissapointment over their programming. I hope all of you are experiencing a little bit of the springtime warmth, and watch out for Leperchauns tomorrow!
Love always, Emmeline

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreaming of Warmer Days

Saratoga Chowder Fest Was Quite A Hit!
The sun is out today which is a pleasant reminder of how the low temperatures will soon begin to rise. Spring Break is in one week, and I am ecstatic to meet my mom, dad, and Lauren in Orlando! I am praying that the weather will stay warm there so that I can comfortably lounge around by the pool. School has been going well, but it gets a tad overwhelming sometimes. I am really enjoying my English class about media and its effect on society, and neuroscience is another class that's always interesting. I have been giving many tours these past few weeks which has been fun! There is something abiut interacting with families that I find quite comforting especially since I am surrounded by college students for the majority of my day. I'm hopefully going to make it to the mall this afternoon so that Gab and I can pet the bunny at the pet store, and tomorrow I am going to our Lacrosse game against Western Conneticut so I am definitely excited it's the weekend! I hope you are all well.
Love always, Emmeline