Tuesday, September 6, 2011


    Undecided. College students all seem to go through a phase where most everything in their life is undecided. We have yet to declare our major, we have no idea what we want our future to hold, we can't even decide whether we want to have dinner on or off campus. Part of the beauty of being a college student is that it's okay for us to be undecided at the moment, but still it makes things complicated. It makes things uncertain.    
    I am happy to be back, but all this uncertainty makes the transition from home to here so much more difficult. I have faith that it will get better and all this cloudy, rainy weather isn't helping much either. That being said, Saratoga Springs is a great place. It was nice to grab a chai latté from "Uncommon Grounds," and to listen to live music at the street festival. Seeing familiar faces is comforting, and I'm enjoying meeting new people as well.
    Classes start tomorrow...wish me luck!
Love always, Emmeline