Monday, January 31, 2011

It Feels Like Summer!

     I could have never imagined that the phrase, "Oh! It's 11 degrees and sunny today. It's so warm!" would come out of my mouth, but alas it is something that I have begun to say often. I used to complain about 40 degree weather, but now there is none of that. I am thankful for any tiny sliver of sun and any increase in temperature whether it's 5 degrees or even 1.
     While my Monday started nicely with 11 degrees and sun, it has taken an unfortunate turn. I have been on the phone with florists all morning, and they're a snobbish breed. The Freshman Class Council is putting together a rose sale to raise funds for the Franklin Community Center which is a local organization providing support for low income families and elderly. We have been trying to work with florists, but they have been quite rude and unwilling to work with our budget. I'm sorry but if we are going to be ordering around 300 roses it is in their best interest to work with us. We are not going to spend $4 dollars per rose because in order to turn a profit to raise funds we would have to sell each rose for $5 and college kids will not buy a $5 rose. This sale is also for an incredible organization so I am frustrated that the local businesses don't seem to really care. One florist said she would have been willing to donate the flowers, but unfortunately she is going out of the country when we need them :-( What has happened to the notion of helping one another out? For my english class on the media's effect on society we have to write a response on five values we believe permeate throughout America, and selfishness is definitely one I am noticing more and more.
Love always, Emmeline

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, Yes!

Finally it's Friday! Starting classes has been wonderful, but a brain can only take so much chemistry, calculus, and neuroscience. I have my final interview to be a tour guide today- I have to give a mock tour to the head tour guides. I hope I do okay! It's still pretty chilly here, but the temperature has risen from way below zero to 24 degrees today! I really do miss the warmth, and the feeling of sun hitting my face though. I hope all is well with you all.
Love always, Emmeline

Monday, January 24, 2011


It's 15 below zero this morning. What a lovely thing to wake-up to on a Monday :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

And So It Ends

Warmer Days Back During Thanksgiving!
     Well, Christmas has come and gone as well as the beginning of the new year and I now find myself preparing to go back to Skidmore. While I detest the process of getting back to school (the insanely long travel time), I am quite excited to see my friends and begin classes! This semester I am taking Chemistry II, Calculus II, Introduction to Neuroscience, and an English course that examines media's role on fiction and writing.
    Going back to Skidmore will be fantastic, but leaving home will be sad. I had a wonderful break! Christmas was  filled with spending time with my family, and it was realy nice being able to see all my friends here in Denver. I went up snowboarding with my daddy, and my mom and I went to the spa! It was a relaxing and fun-filled break, but alas it does feel like it's time for me to head up the snowy New York! I will update you all soon on how the first week back goes :-)
     Love always, Emmeline.