Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is Around the Corner!

Christmas is around the corner, which I'm very excited about! We have surf n' turf on Christmas eve (usually lobster and filet mignon) and on Christmas day we have brunch with crab and avocado eggs benedict and a dinner feast with mashed potatoes, prime rib, ham, and a whole bunch of other really good dishes! Although, while I am happy to be home, I do miss Skidmore! The early decision acceptance letters went out and it's great to see and hear from all the excited new members of the class of 2016. They seem like a fantastic group of students who are eager to get to Skidmore. I hope they get as much out of the school as I have! It's been such an incredible place to learn and I still love my professors. They are all so different yet their passion for teaching is similar. Christmas is another time where I like to reflect on all that I am grateful for and Skidmore is definitely on the top of the list. That's all for now, but please have a safe and happy holiday!
Love always,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homeward Bound!

I am one of the few who finished all of their final exams and papers on the first day, and am now headed home!!! The first semester of Organic Chemistry has been successfully completed along with my other classes and now I have six weeks to read for pleasure, watch movies, go snowboarding, hangout with my family, and just take time to re-center and breathe :) I'm going to miss college life, but I think it's definitely time for a break. Christmas is nearing and before we know it the new year will have arrived! I'm ecstatic!!!! Do me a favor and today, take 5 minutes for yourself to just smile and breathe-life is wonderful :)
Love always,

Get ready for some hometown pics pretty soon!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deck the Halls

   The holiday spirit has definitely enveloped Skidmore! A cappella groups have been singing, the town along with the windows of dorm rooms are decorated with pretty lights, and the dining hall is decorated too! A dusting of snow has happened each night and even in the midst of finals preparation you can't help but smile. I always love to holiday season because for me it is about spending time with family and taking a break from all the difficulties to just breathe. It's a time meant for giving rather than receiving, and for being supportive of all those around you. I am excited to fly home in 6 days and really appreciate all the wonderful friends and family that will be waiting for me. This was an incredible semester, but also the most difficult I've had so I look forward to lights guiding me home and allowing me to take a nice break before I come back for part two. Take care of yourselves and your families, and as usual...
Love always,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Theodore, God, and Marilyn

Me, Gab, and Emily

   Alright, I know this title is weird, but it comes from nicknames that my roommates and I came up with last year...it's quite a complicated inside joke, but the point is that I am taking the moment to write about how much I love my current roommate and our old roommate from last year when we lived in a triple. Gab, Emily, and I LOVED living in a triple. A lot of people stared at us strangely every time we would spastically chat about how much we loved our triple. We were quite lucky in the fact that we all got along and were easy to live with. Even though Gab and I don't live with Emily anymore we still see her often :) I was truly blessed last year and the same goes for this year.
   Gab has been a total life-saver. She has been here for me when I am sad, tired, grumpy, dramatic, spastically happy, and even when I am convinced I am in love with someone I only met an hour ago (hahaha I fall in love quickly!). She is willing to be silly with me and always encourages me to never take myself too seriously. We both are high achievers so that works out well too since we take our academics seriously. We have fun, we work hard, and we live well together. Unfortunately, we don't have our third musketeer living with us anymore, BUT Gab, Emily, and I (aka Theodore, God, and Marilyn) are Skidmore's three musketeers :) I lucked out with roommates and I hope they always remember it...p.s. did you know last week was national appreciate your roommate week?

Love always, Emmeline

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Passionate Play with Passionate Actors -- Skidmore Theatre Presents "Passion Play."

     I have seen a lot of theatre and I have seen a lot of student theatre put on by many colleges. No student show I have ever seen would be able to top Skidmore's newest department show called "Passion Play," by Sarah Ruhl. The plot occurs in three different time era's where a group of people are putting on a production of the Passion Play. The audience first witnesses this production in Elizabethan England when a group of religious people are hiding a priest and forced to put the play on in secret because of the widespread condemnation of Catholics in England. The second part occurs in Nazi Germany, and the third in the middle of nowhere South Dakota under the Reagan administration. The play was humorous, respectful of religion, poignant, yet provocative as well. The actors did an incredible job of pulling in the audience and realistically playing emotions that everyone can relate to. The show is three hours long, but I could have happily sat there to see more!

Love always, Emmeline