Monday, November 28, 2011

2 More Weeks!

    Two more weeks until the end of classes and the start of finals! I am freaking out... There is an air of panic on campus for literally everyone. Professors are freaking out because they've realized they only have a few more class periods to teach us important concepts, students are freaking out because in these last two weeks we get piles of work thrown to us, and everyone else is freaking out because there are manic teachers and students running around. It is quite the sight. That being said, I am really excited for these next two weeks because when they are finished I will have successfully conquered some of the hardest classes at Skidmore. One semester of Organic Chemistry will be down with only one more left to go! The weeks leading up to finals are stressful, but they go by a lot easier if you keep a positive attitude and MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL! I'll keep you updated on the process :)

Love always, Emmeline

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful for...

1. An incredible family
2. Beautiful and loving friends
3. Skidmore and all the opportunities that I have been blessed with throughout my life
4. My brain
5. Turkey and good food and drink
6. Football (the NFL)
7. Bunnies
8. Sunshine
9. The ocean and the mountains
10. Each breath that I am taking in

Love always, Emmeline

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bleh, Thank Goodness for First Floor Johnson!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it makes me happy. This is me at age seven!

I have loads of exciting things to share with you all about the recent performances I have seen here at Skidmore, but at the moment I am very sick with a "flu like virus." Yes, I did get my flu shot so I'm not sure why this is happening, but it is. That being said you will have to wait a few days for my video post about all of those exciting things, and instead you can now read on about the top ten reasons I absolutely love Skidmore Health Services :)

1. They are conveniently located right next to the dining hall and their hours are Sunday-Friday 8am to 5pm. Brilliant!
2. When you come in they are super friendly and welcoming whether you appear to be just fine or hit by the black plague...they are there to help everyone.
3. They know college students...they know that even when they tell us that we need to rest we probably won', they have this room with beds that they force you into so that you have to rest. It's like having your mom on campus!
4. They have an unlimited supply of Mucinex...I swear that I will never have to buy another bottle again because they give me a bunch whenever I am in.
5. When they give you a shot they are very quick and do it with impressive skill.
6. When I passed out in movement class and was taken to them by campus safety they gave me juice...they don't get all complicated on you. They can because they are very well trained, but they are also really good at seeing the obvious...they do heal hundreds of college students everyday!
7. They give out free stuff. I got some very nice sample size shampoo the other day, and right now they've hidden virus shaped stuffed animals throughout the academic buildings and if you find one you get a prize!
8. Their magazine selection is great...we all know how important that is.
9. The have a bunch of different prescriptions right on hand so most of the time you don't even have to go to a real pharmacy when they diagnose you with an illness.
10. They have literally seen it all so they never judge. Whether you are spastically freaking out that you're nineteen and having a heart attack because your left arm has a radiating pain, or you just have the good old fashion flu, they are always around to help with a smile on their faces.

Love always, Emmeline

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

     It was one of those nights again, and by those nights I mean the nights when d-hall has a special themed dinner. IT WAS AWESOME! Local restaurants from around town came and shared their food. There were meals from Forno, Chez Pierre, the Country Corner Cafe, and a whole bunch of others. Ah! It was sooooo good and very healthy. I has some incredible pan seared arctic char as well as brussel sprouts, yum! I'm always happy when d-hall has nights like they did tonight. Now that my stomach is satisfied, I am back in my room preparing to start my chemistry reading. Classes have been great this week! In chemistry we've been talking about stereochemistry and light optics which has been challenging, but fascinating. My movement class has been especially great this week. We are working on stage combat, and we've been assigned to create scenes with a partner using all the different stage combat techniques we've learned. My scene should be interesting...let's just say the plot involves a bunny being run over by a golf cart, yikes! I will try and film it so that I can share it with you all.
     Over the weekend I went to see two of the theatre departments workshops. One of them was entitled "The Intruder," and Gab stage managed! It was also great because a friend of mine who I've been in school since kindergarten with was also in the show. It was a touching piece on death, physical and metaphorical darkness, and acceptance of the nature of tragedy. I was near tears by the end of it and it was only 45 minutes. I was very impressed. This weekend is going to be busy too. I plan to help the costume department with some last minute preparations for the upcoming production of "Passion Play," and my friend Kevin is also directing a show called "The Amish Project" this weekend. BEATLEMORE SKIDMANIA IS ALSO THIS WEEKEND! I am sooooooo excited. Okay, well I should go finish my homework so I have time to participate in all these fun activities :)
Love always, Emmeline

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'll Show You How Valuable Elle Woods Is!

Me Kissing Cupcake :)

Elle Woods, Paulette, and the UPS Guy from Legally Blonde (Me, Gab, and Cole)
     Halloween weekend was a success! My Elle Woods from Legally Blond costume was quite the hit, and we all had a lot of fun. Gab's boyfriend, Cole, came up to visit and we went to the fall festival downtown. There was a SUPER FAT BUNNY named "Cupcake," and I came very close to kidnapping it...don't worry, Gab stopped me. It was really fun to see all the little kids dressed up in town. Of course there were princesses and transformers, but the best was a little girl who was probably about four dressed up in a really intense tarantula costume. She was precious! I love being myself, but it is fun to pretend like someone else for a weekend :)
     On Friday a bunch of us attempted to go to a haunted house. Gab found a poster for the haunted house, we plugged the address into the GPS, drove 20 minutes, stopped in front of house, realized the haunted house was actually someone's residence and that it was closed because they were having a dinner party...they were quite amused by seeing three cars of college kids pull up hahaha. All in all the weekend was really fun, and the "Moorbid Dance" was also great! Unfortunately, back to reality now...just kidding, I love reality too!!!!
Love always, Emmeline