Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Never Ending Story

Christine, Gab, Me, and Emma at Junior Ring Dance!
Hello! I can't say that I have too much to update you all on. The Junior Ring weekend went very well, but it was a lot of work! I'm happy it's over, but it was lot's of fun :-) This is my last week of classes which is very nice. I'm anxious to finish finals and come home! I am quite excited for christmas and to see everyone. Miss you all a bunch!!!!
Love always, Emmeline

Thursday, December 2, 2010

24 Hours Is Not Enough Time In The Day!

The First (and only so far...) Snow!

Greeting all! I hope you had a wonderful turkey holiday in which you gained ten pounds and spent time with your "eclectic" families. I certainly did...I even got to spend numerous hours listening to my great aunt Betty tell dirty jokes that were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately now Thanksgiving is over though, and I am back to school. While I still love Skidmore as much as I have in previous posts, classes right now are very stressful as we prepare for end of the year projects and final exams! I am excited to report that I have my schedule for next semester; I will be taking 16 credits, and my classes are the next levels of Chemistry and Calculus as well as Introduction to Business and Management, and Introduction to Neuroscience! I am very excited for all of these classes, and for the fact that my classes start a little later in the morning than they did this semester :-) I am very excited to come home for Christmas to see my lovely family, friends, and teachers! Hope all is well on your front, and I look forward to hearing from you all around the holiday.
Love always, Emmeline
Gab Though I Looked Like A Mom...So We Took A Picture
To those of you celebrating Chanukah, happy second day!!!!!