Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in The Swing of Things!

That's right...I am baaaaacccckkkk!!!! Woohoo! It is great to be back at Skidmore and see some old faces as well as new ones (many people are coming from the first-year London program and other study abroad programs). I have started classes and they all seem really great. I am most looking forward to my business class- MB107. It is one of Skidmore's most popular and well known classes. It is special because of a project, called the executive presentation, where students are assigned teams and they must pitch an idea to executives about how to increase profit for a company. We will find out the company that we are "working" for on February 8th and I very excited! Organic Chemistry II has commenced and the good news is that I made it through one semester so who says I can't make it through a second semester? I am confident that I'll get through it. While it's great to be back, the weather has been foul. There's not too much snow, but the temperatures are low and there is a sheet of ice that makes walking to classes a little difficult. Luckily they are putting salt on all the walkways, but that always ruins my shoes. I'll take ruined shoes over a broken back though! I hope all is going well with you all and that your 2012's are off to a wonderful start.
Love always, Emmeline

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